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Hello! I'm a doctoral student at EPFL working in the Laboratory for Automated Reasoning and Analysis (LARA) with Prof. Viktor KunĨak , interested in automata theory, program analysis, algebra, and their applications in verifying and improving computing systems. Mostly fueled by mortal fear of a machine takeover.


I enjoy a myriad of topics within formal logic, computer science, and algebra. My research work currently revolves around robust temporal logics, their mathematical structures, and approaches to utilising them in data mining, pattern detection, and causal inference.

I have previously worked with partial-order reduction techniques for program analysis under weak memory models. Alongside my work in logic, my Bachelor's Thesis is focused on information-theoretic error bounds for quantum machine learning systems (formally, VQAs), with Prof. Sai Vinjanampathy as my advisor. A copy can be found here.

At a more fundamental level, I'm deeply interested in the utilisation of modern algebraic language (category theory, etc.) to understand structures in computer science on a more fundamental level to pave the way for more efficient computation, deeper insights into data analysis, and using it to make tools that help people today.


Mohammad Afzal, Sankalp Gambhir, Ashutosh Gupta, and Shankaranarayanan Krishna. "Quantitative Learning of LTL from Finite Traces." arXiv preprint arXiv:2110.13616 (2021). Under review.


My time outside work is spread across many hobbies with wildly varying skill levels. I love digital sketching and painting, cooking, and occasionally dabble in embroidery, puzzles, and knife sharpening. Some of my not-work stuff can be found on my Behance page here.



office: BC 355, EPFL

github: sankalpgambhir

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